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Welcome to Bishop Funeral Service and Crematory

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to browse the many offerings and information available here.

Bishop Funeral ServiceOUR PROMISE TO YOU

We are committed to supporting families during their grief, with the recognition that all grief is personal and specific to each individual. We can help create a meaningful tribute and will support any appropriate requests to commemorate the life that has been lived. We acknowledge that we cannot make the pain go away, but through our efforts we can make the journey of grief a little easier to cope with and perhaps less lonely. 

PREPLANNING: At Bishop Funeral Service and Crematory, we encourage you to plan ahead even if you only set the preferences you have for your services. Whether you choose cremation or burial, planning and pre-paying your services will be the best gift you can give your family.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 918-426-4244, or e-mail us at

Stephen & Ruth Harkins